Son Must Move Out

Julia - posted on 09/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a son who just turned 21. Our relationship has been deteriorating and its now to the point where I have stopped talking to him entirely. I had supported him in every way, rent, college tuition, etc. about six to eight months ago he began getting very disrespectful in front of me and my 9 year old daughter saying "shut up" shut the fuck up whenever I tell him something. I threatened to evict him and he says he will call the cops unles i evict him properly in court. I really don't understand the hatred he has all of a sudden but I no longer am paying his tuition and am taking steps to go to housing court and have him removed legally. I am shocked and stunned and hurt at his disrespect. He may apologize in front of me and my daughter then he does it again. its sick. I told him he was not my lover or husband and had no right to speak to me like that. He just keeps doing it. I can only say that I am very angry and hurt at all of the money and investment i spent on this kid like private Catholic high school that cost me 650. a month for 4 years. i can go on and on with the investment in him I had made and for what? and he turns around acting like that? esp. since my daughters Dad left 3 years ago and he knew he needed to step up and be a role model. Any thoughts?


Jodi - posted on 09/29/2015




" I told him he was not my lover or husband and had no right to speak to me like that."

Can I just respond to this for a moment? Even if he WAS your lover and husband he would have no right to speak to you like that. Noone has the right to speak to you like that.

You are absolutely doing the right thing. Go through the process, have him evicted. He may not understand now, but one day he will. Noone said our job as parents was going to be easy. This is one of those difficult moments.

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