Son prevents me from seeing my grandchildren.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/01/2016




Putting one's child in a daycare or creche setting is not "preventing you from seeing them". It is putting the child into a social setting that offers not only caregiving, but also early education, peer interaction, and social time.

Most times, having grandparents be the full time caregiver for minor children results in less than desirable results in the long run, with strained relationships, and sometimes even alienation in families.

If your son and his spouse have determined that the best daytime situation for their children is in a daycare setting, then so be it. They are the parents, and it's up to them to make those decisions. You still have plenty of time available to spend with the children, by making yourself available on weekends or down time.


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Michelle - posted on 02/01/2016




If you are upset the he has chosen daycare over you looking after the children then I agree with him.
I have seen too many parents rely on the Grandparents to look after the children and it doesn't usually work out well. It puts a big strain on the relationship f the adults and if there is a day that the Grandparents can't do it puts a lot of stress on the parents to find someone.
By what you have written, he's not stopping you from seeing the children, he jist hasn't asked you to look after them all day. To me that's understandable.

Raye - posted on 02/01/2016




I assume that you're upset that you could be spending time with the kids instead of him having to put them in daycare, looked after by strangers... is that about right?

Well the fact is, he is an adult, and he is the kids' father. So he can do what he feels is best. Did something happen to strain your relationship with him? Are you trying too hard to control how he raises his kids? You had your turn to parent, now you should be more understanding of him, and let him parent his kids the best way he can.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/01/2016




Hi Susan, you have not really provided much information for others to comment on or give advice about. Could you please explain a bit?

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