Son's dad is crazy please help me..Mediation soon

Kelsee - posted on 05/29/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )





I really need yalls advice, to make a long story as short as I can I have a 3 year old with my ex boyfriend. When I found I was pregnant he left me for his EX wife. I always thought his ex was the crazy one until his true colors came out and I realized he does drugs ( Has never gotten caught) has a violence problem, gets very angry, threatens me. He ended up loosing his other children to his Ex because she finally had enough and got a restraining order on him and moved out of state (I have no clue how she got this to happen, but she even saw he was dangerous) After our son was born he wanted to move back in with me and be a family, I said no and then thats were the threats and harrassments started, one day he loved me the next he wished I was gone. At one point I didnt hear from him for 4 months and it was great then he contacted me and wanted to have custody of my son. He is crazy and always is up and down. He is very scary I cant emphazise that enough. I finally got a restraining order for a few months but now that that is gone we are going to court for custody. He has visitation supervised right now but he wants more. He has threatened to take my son and run away with him, if he gets my son by himself I know he could do this, Im in CA and they are pro dads. Even though he lost his other children they do not care. Even though I have the texts with his threats they arent good enough for court. I had a lawyer she said I do not have enough on him to prove he is a poor father and baiscally have to wait for something to happen. WHat can I do? we have mediation coming up to discuss custody. Im so scared he will be granted time. My son is only 3 and barley knows him, this visitations are suppose to be 3 hours but he stays maybe an hour then leaves. He does not care about my son. Please help. This guy is insane and I was blind at first to see that he is crazy, violent, and is in the drug crowd.

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