Son's verbal tics are making me crazy and I feel so guilty

Sheryl - posted on 06/11/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, I'm new here. My 10-year-old was recently diagnosed with TS. He has had moto tics, but since February they have become verbal, sniffing and whistling. Constnatly at home. And when I say "constantly" I don't mean once a minute or so. I am talking 1-15 hard, LOUD, snort-like sniffs per minute. The only time he doesn't so this is when he has food in his mouth, is speaking (he has another tic when he speaks but I'll save that for another day), and when he is sleeping. I love him so much. But I can barely stnad to be near him right now because the sniffing is making me crazy and giving me headaches. We have started seeing a behaviorist who is working with him on techniques to lower anxiety (breathing, for example), but we just started. And of course he does not tic infront of the doc so I don't think the doc understands how severe his tics are. I am really going to lose my mind. I love him so much but sometimes I dread going home after work, and the weekends can be agonizingly log. Soes anyone else struggle with this? I feel so ashamed and desperate.


Sarah - posted on 06/11/2016




It might help for you to talk to the behaviorist for some tips on how to tune him out rather than hear every sound. Your human, it gets annoying. I have a camper at the SN camp I work in the summer who has repetitive phrasing. Every time I see him he says the same thing, with the same infection. I have felt like ripping my hair out and I don't live with the camper.

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