Son Staring at my Feet!?!

Emma - posted on 12/17/2017 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I have a son named Gavin who is 14 years old. He is a good kid. He plays sports, gets good grades, and is social and friendly. I like to think I don't put up with much lol! Recently I have caught him taking peeks at my feet. A while back I was sitting on the couch with my feet up watching tv when my son comes in and sits on another couch. He talked to me while being on his phone but the way he was sitting and pointing his phone looked like he was taking a picture of the bottoms of my feet. I like to have my feet pedicured, paint my toes, and wear sandals but just recently I have felt weird being around him barefoot. He has always liked taking pictures of landscapes and othet things. I don't have anything wrong with him taking pictures of my feet. I take good care of them but he was being secretive. I have nothing wrong with him with him taking pictures of my feet. I take good care of them and all but it was just weird how he was being secretive about it. I have an older daughter and I have never noticed her looking at my feet even though we get pedicures togethor sometimes. Am I going crazy? He might not have even been taking pictures. Have you noticed your son ever looking at your feet or taking pictures? I just don't understand why a teen boy would want to take pictures or look at his mother's feet. Should I ask if he would like to take good pictures of my feet sometime?



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I don't think there is anything wrong with him looking at your feet. But he should be more open about it. My boys look at my feet a lot, I'm usually barefoot. Have a look at his phone and talk to him.

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Personally I dont think there is anything wrong with your son admiring your feet. Obviously they look nice, they have toe nails that are painted etc, and should be admired.
We are a barefoot family down here, I have been barefoot 100% all year round for many years , and neither of my children wear shoes at all - so often bare feet becomes a topic of conversation, we even have competitions to see who gets the dirtiest feet out shopping! My children often massage my feet and love playing with my anklets and toe rings...certainly my youngest boy, aged seven, loves rubbing my bare feet and playing with them any time he wants to

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I do not think there is anything wrong with him looking at your feet.
I am used to people looking at my feet my kids maybe but very often there friends and other people i know... my feet look nice are very well formed but are very large for my size and people notice.


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James - posted on 12/17/2017




He might have a foot fetish because of looking at your feet. If you do talk to him about it be careful of your wording because it might make him feel uncomfortable. And he might denie it because it is something that is really hard to discuss with you (as his mother) but your best bet is to accept him as he is rather than trying to change him. If you try to change him he will grow to resent you

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