Sons father disappears months at a time then shows up for visitation...what to do?

Shantell - posted on 04/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




we divorced in Az in 2009 that is when and where our court order is. i moved to Califonia because my dad is in the military. i tried taking him to court here with a lawyer the judge said they couldnt handle the case because the order we had was set in Az and father still lived in Az. i tried to take him to court in Az but he hides from being served and his family hides him as well. he doesnt call or even ask about my son. will go months without taking the visitation. since Oct. he wont give me an address to where he lives. just plays game constantly lies about everything. now he writes telling me i need to meet him at our meeting spot from previous visitation saying he is going to be staying at his moms. i dont believe him because in Dec. he said he was going to stay with his mom at her house for xmas and when i got my son back he said he was in a hotel with no xmas tree and santa didnt come. also he didnt take a bath they had him from friday night until noon sunday. my son is used to taking a bath at least once a day he told me right when he got in the car randomly...he is i have to follow the order if he doesnt? i dont feel safe to let my son go with him not knowing if he is going to be where he said...anyone know anything i can do...please help


Tina - posted on 04/26/2012




I'd refuse to send him with his dad. You don't even know if he has a stable home I don't think you could get into trouble when he doesn't keep up his end of the deal and have regular visits with his son and take care of him. I wouldn't trust him one bit. Sounds like he'd be too lazy to take you to court anyway.

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