sons father just trying to get in my sons life now court

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I just started a custody battle with my son's father. He has not been in the picture for 10 years and never paid anything in child support. He just started trying to get in my sons life now and im worried the last i known he was on drugs and he just got a DUI from what I seen on his record. I told his mother that i dont mind that he see's him only if it is at her house and he is not to take him out of her house with out her.. Well she let my son stay the night with him twice now. I also found out that he has been getting food stamps for my son and my son doesnt even live with him I called fraud on that.There is not a court order yet we have mediation next month. I dont want my son alone with him. I want to stop contact until the courts makes orders. I talk to the father a few weeks ago and he acted like he agreed with me that he needs to prove that i can trust him then this happens i cant trust not sure what i should do i haven't gotten a lawyer yet funds are a bit tight any advise


Louise - posted on 05/17/2012




You have to be careful here. Your son is making bonds with this man and if you stop access he could rebel against you. He has a right to know his father and if you stop him he wont forgive you. Your son is not stupid he will see through his father in time but he does need access to him. Obviously if he does not want to see his father for any reason then stop access until the court orders you to comply.

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