sooo bored!!!!!!!!!

Ashley - posted on 12/29/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my brother lives 2 hours away and he came to visit the day after christmas. he took my kids home with him, and they are not coming back until tomorrow. i have 3 wonderful boys, and im bored out of my mind without them here! i rarely get time without them, especially all 3 at the same time, so it's been really hard. im trying to enjoy my break, but it's so hard to enjoy when my house is so quiet, and clean, and there is nothing to do. normally, i would love to have a quiet clean house, but they have been gone for 3 days now, and im so over wanting anymore quiet time. what would you moms do? i dont have any extra money to go do anything, and all my friends are busy with there kids. ive been enjoying the time with my husband, since he has been off work all week, but we are tired of watching movies and playing games. the only friend who isnt busy with her kids wants us to come over and get drunk with her tonight, but drinking really isnt our thing. we got drunk the first night the kids were gone, and we probably wont do it again for another year or more. i really miss my kids and am beyond ready for them to come home!


Ariana - posted on 12/30/2012




I would say take this time to 'get jiggy' with your husband lol. Maybe walk around your house naked. Take a bath and sleep in.

Not to be super harsh but maybe you need to start a hobby or something you love for just yourself without the kids. I mean get some books to read or something, gain an interest in yoga. Eventually the kids will be gone and do you want to be looking at your husband with a blank stare like you are today? And for the rest of your life instead of three days. Just saying.

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