sore breasts after breastfeeding - pregnant??

Gypsy - posted on 08/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I stopped Breastfeeding my DD about a month ago, It was gradual weaning to the point where we were only having the one night time feed, she has been of the breast for about 3-4 weeks now. I had no pain or anything and my breasts were fine but suddenly For the past couple of days i began noticing my Breasts were getting slightly sore mainly in the morning. Now this morning i woke up and the right one is really really sore the left one is too maybe not as muchl. Yesterday i was laying in bed with the worst headache when hubby bought lunch in for me as i was eating it i began to feel really nauseas and i began wondering if maybe i was pregnant?? now its beginning to worry me as in conjunction to that i have been peeing alot lately, getting up at least twice a night for the past month and a half, having alot of C Mucous, Headaches all the time and random bouts of Nausea, not to mention i've been an emotional basket case, crying at the most ridiculous things. I did about 7 pregnancy tests over 2 weeks-2 weeks ago all Neg, i'm just wondering could i possibly be pregnant?? i have not had post partum Aunt F yet and Hubby and i have been using no form of Contraceptive, I understand that you can get pregnant after giving birth without PP AF, i'm just wondering how can you tell?? were all my pregnancy tests just done to early? Has anyone had a similar experience?? or anyone have any opinions/advice?? they would all be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Also just incase anyones wondering - Hubby and i are kind of TTC we decided to just let nature take its coarse as we are happy with the idea of having our children about a year apart and i also find it hard to get pregnant with having PCOS.


Tina - posted on 08/25/2012




It's possible just go to the doctors to be sure. My kids were less than 12 months apart not planned but happy about it. You can still get sore breasts and headaches though even if you're not feeding. I know I have since having my daughter. Pregnancy test may have been a tad bit too early. Just get checked out to be on the safe side I'd say.

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