SOY FORMULA VS. SIMILAC SESITIVE!? Or what would be other best formula free from ellergy?

Inzhiya031010 - posted on 05/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need advice. I am not sure what to do. Does anyone feed their baby soy formula? Please give me your reviews on it. Bad and good experience. Or can you suggest a good formula free from alergies? or can you sugest My baby is 7 1/2 months old, I recently started to decrease my milk and now I have about 1 oz maybe up to 2 I guess. Nurse her maybe 1-2 a day/bed time (or night) depends. And also give her Soy Formula. (she dose not have allergies on soy. (but does on dairy, eggs and peanuts)). I like soy myself, I try formula soy before giving it to my girl and she LOVED it as soon as she took it. When we did skin test on her at 6 months, dr gave me SOY FORMULA and SIMILAC SENITIVE as samples. She told me that soy is sweeter than similac sensitive so I gave it to her as 1st. Didn't try to give her the other one. My baby doesn't seem like she is having any colic problems. There was once so far, (skipped poop one day and next day pooped with dry little balls on and off) I gave her prunes. In about 20 min, she had a full diaper. No gassy stomach, doesn't get fussy and doesn't spit up a lot... But now I heard and read some info that soy is bad over all. How true is this? Is it ok to switch to SIMILAC SESITIVE? Is it better?


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The only experience I had with soy was with my middle child. He has be lactose intolerant since birth. They started him on Soy and he did great with it til about 6 months old. Then he grew an allergy to it as well and we switched to lactose free formula. He did great with it and now drinks lactose free milk. He is a very healthy 7 year old boy who is only 3 inches shorter than his brother who is 10 and good weight to height ratio. I ever heard soy being bad for people and would have kept using it if he wouldn't have developed an allergy for it. ( he's still allergic to it, he reacts to it the same as reg milk). If you have major concerns talk to dr. And if you do switch I would suggest doing it little at time start with one bottle a day for few days with new formula then two bottles a day and so on til all bottles are new formula just to ease her body to change and to see how she reacts to new formula

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