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i give dylan a choice of punishments. if he chooses spanking it is one swat
for every year of age bare bottom with a ping pong paddle.

he usually takes it wittout crying or saying ouch we hug and then i put some ice on it to prevent a bruise


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If he is choosing the spanking and showing no response to it then it probably isn't a very effective punishment and that would be the reason he chooses it all the time. Now days there are enough alternatives to spanking it should probably be the absolute last thing to use...and by allowing him to choose kind of takes away from the lesson...he has already made the choice to do something wrong why would he get to choose the consequences? That is unless it is effective not all kids are the same some kids a scolding and maybe a lost privelige will teach them to respect the rules, other kids may need a more drastic approach. It all depends on him.

Michelle - posted on 08/10/2017




Why would any of us want to know that you abuse your child?
Maybe you should look at other forms of punishment.

Chantel - posted on 08/10/2017




I guess everyone runs their house different but why share this? I'm not trying to be mean or sarcastic I am just curious as to why share that your son is spanked bare bottomed with a ping pong paddle. And if he doesn't cry is it even an effective form of punishment?

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