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I noticed the former was closed to further comments and at the risk of getting judged, I'd like to say that I believe spanking does help sometimes.. There are several ways of disciplining kids, but there are sometimes a child needs to be spanked I have a 3year old daughter, and I spank her sometimes, when need be. If I'm like really angry, I walk away and calm down before I spank, so I do not spank in anger.. After the spank, she cries a bit, says sorry, I cuddle her and tell her why I spanked her and "for me" it works.. I believe even the Bible says something about sparing the rod and spoiling the chat


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The discipline thread is still open. Your post would probably be better there, instead of us having multiple threads open on spanking. I'm going to lock this one, and if you could copy-paste your post into the discipline thread in order to make your point, that would be great. That way, we don't have two threads on spanking going at the same time.


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