spanking 9 month old baby

Kira - posted on 04/19/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay so I need some advice help please! Yesterday my sons dad came over to see our son. (were not together and he's not as involved) my son loves banging his hands on things and sometimes that includes your face he doesn't know better. Well anyways they were laying down playing around and my son started hitting his face and out of nowhere he snapped forcefully grabbed my sons arm yelled stop that don't do that (did not say no) and smacked his hand. I of course yelled at him he said he has done it before. He did it Almost like he was our dog. Side note: We had a dog together previously which I gave away because I didn't have time for. But he was very abusive towards him. He even punched him like he was a man once (part of the many reasons I left him). I'm just worrying now if that's how he's going to act with our son. Am I over thinking things? I need some advice please. Thank you.


Jodi - posted on 04/19/2014




I would NOT recommend just keeping the baby away from him, because then he could claim parental alienation and that wouldn't look good for you in court.

What I would suggest is to talk to a lawyer about the possibility of getting primary custody with supervised visitation for him only. Don't wait until he files for joint custody. You need to be keeping a diary of these behaviours and trying to collect evidence of his violent nature if you can. Evidence is the only thing that will help you here. Whatever you do, don't stop visitation altogether unless you have complete OBJECTIVE evidence (not just your hearsay). Until this gets heard in court, continue to allow visits under your supervision.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/19/2014




Not over thinking things. That is NOT ok. He certainly should have held his hands and said "NO HIT" but don't actually hit him because it just reinforces hitting!!!

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