Special Education and Gifted Children?

Tammy - posted on 06/19/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter needs special education accommodations. Such as co-taught classrooms and extended times on tests as well as organizational aides and resources. However she is extremely intelligent. Because she is on grade level they are not sure if she will be eligible for special education services. This is because they say her disability (ADD) needs to show and academic impact.

I say that it does show an academic impact because if she didn't have the ADD she would be above grade level. When she started out in school she was above grade level, but then distraction and the symptoms of ADD really started kicking in and she fell behind. But when she started on medication she started to move ahead grade level again, particularly in reading comprehension and writing. (She's a superstar in writing. Just like her mother. ).

So... I say all this to say that I'm frustrated. Because she is frustrated and overwhelmed and upset and angry because of her grades and us both knowing she's capable of so much more. But she ends up feeling stupid because her grades aren't reflecting it. I'm actually going to have to take her to a therapist because she's developing anxiety and anger issues over it. Some of it is normal teen stuff, but more is not normal for any teen, let alone her.

Ugh, guess I'm just feeling frustrated and angry and wanting to vent. Anyone else have any experience with any of this?

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