special needs brother in law living with us now... I guess.

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My husband has older parents, in their 80's. Both of them are having health issues that are fairly serious because of their age. They started adopting children with special needs when they were in their 50's if I had to guess, and did not stop adopting until they were in their 70's. Now they have 5 girls, 1 biological, 7 boys, 1 biological. The two biological kids live on their own off doing who knows what, who knows where. my husband and I live next door to his parents so that we could take care of them. One boy lives on his own because he was violent. My concern and question is, now that his parents are not in good health, I have been tasked with taking care of the kids but I have to care for them the way that his mother wants. His little brother logan has gotten so out of hand that his parents don't want him over there with them. But I don't know how much longer he can stay here. He has broken everything we have pretty much. It would be one thing if we could "parent" him ourselves but with his mom wanting us to do exactly what she does, he's turning out violent because he gets away with everything. He doesn't listen to anything we say. I can not trust him around my little girls. My husband is a special needs teacher and has violent kids in his class, he has managed to keep them from being violent by doing the things that he learned with them. I think if his mom would let him teach his little brother that way he would be better. I just don't know what to do now. Does anyone have any advice?


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Your house, your rules. If the mom wants them raised her way, she can raise them herself. Adopting at such an old age, she must have considered the fact that she would not be able to completely care for and raise these children. If she wants your help, she needs to accept your conditions.

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I would sit down with the parents as a team and discuss the situation. If they are unable to accept the way you want to parent the kids that are living in your home, maybe they need to live somewhere else?


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