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Denica - posted on 09/25/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello I'm a mom to a beautiful all around happy 3yr old little girl....I have had concerns about her since she was a year old. I felt like she was behind a little for her age...so I talked to her doctor and she just said lets give her time like 6 months and go from there.I returned the following 6 months only to be told to wait a year, here we are she is 3 years old and still she can only say about 10 maybe 15 words clearly.I enrolled her in early pre k this year and the specialist there diagnosed her with a speech delay and sensor overload meaning she doesn't held stress like other 3 yr old, mostly because she cant tell you what she is feeling or what the problem is. I am still fighting with her doctors to get the test she needs so I can get her in the right programs through the school. I find myself mad and feeling help less. I took here to the eye doctor last week after she failed her vision test, I informed them that they would more then likely not be able to get all over there exam done that day that she is a special needs child but that I would do my best to help in what ever way they needed. An hour in to the exam I could tell raven was going in to overload she was shutting down both emotionally and fiscally. I tried to explain to them she had had enough and could we schedule to do the rest later only to be told they had to do it now and that they could use some tool to keep her eyes open if need be!!
I was shocked I almost lost it...No you are using any tools on my child!!! They continued to give me bad looks and ask me over and over isn't there any way you can get her to do what we want..I'm sorry my daughter is not a poodle she just doesn't do what you ask on command and I'm not forcing her to do anything that she doesn't feel comfortable doing!! Needless to say I left....I just feel lost and like I'm letting her down as a parent....I greatly appreciate every or any one who sets here and reads my rant..lol thank you for listening!

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