Special needs kids

Roshni - posted on 08/24/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is going to be 7 in October. He was diagnosed with mild CP at 2. He is on epilum 3 times a day for seizures, but Thank God has not had one for 3 years now. He has spastic diplegia in his right arm and leg and walks on his toes. He has tight hemstrings. He attend OT and Physio and will be attending speech therapy soon. He understands everything, but tends to have a problem expressing himself. Also we are having such a problem, with him going to toilet. He will sit on the toilet. His Physio advised us that his core muscles are still too weak. Anyone has any suggestions, as it has become a real problem now. We are giving him Eye Q as well, does anyone have any advise on what benefits Eye Q has on kids with CP. He has had botox on his right leg 3 years ago, it helped at the time, but wore out. Now he is seeing a new Physio, and she advised to get another shot of botox, as she feels his hemstrings are too tight and he will benefit more from Physio, if the muscle is more loose.

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