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my little boy is nearly three, his sentence forming is quite bad. I am waiting to see a speech therapist with him.
can anyone suggest practical ways to encourage him?


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My daughter is in speech therapy right now with a speech teacher and they told us to talk to her normally. As her a question let her respond then show her the correct way to say it, have her repeat you. Turn speech excercises into games, we do the body patty cake with our daughter.....foot foot leg leg tummy chest arm arm hand hand mouth nose eye eye ear ear head.

I tell anyone who starts to talk like her around her to please let her mimick you not the other way around becasue she will not learn that way. Also ready simple books like the dr. suess books, tag books, etc. help greatly with her.

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Mybe start talking to him more. Don't try to force him, wait for advice from the therapist. But you can talk a little slower, and more clearly to him. Start narrating what you are doing when he is around. Make sure you are reading to him regularly. My son is the same way, and when we started to read more than 1-2 books daily to him, it started to get better...Good luck!

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