Speech and Language Delay 16 month old

Svjetlana - posted on 08/17/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 16 month old second child (second boy) who has a language delay. He has been evaluated by a child psychologist and two speech therapists. And they do not see it as autism.

The good:
- He waves bye bye and claps
- He points to the direction of the desired object (whole hand-not finger)
- He brings me objects of interest, toys he wants me to work, shows me what he has in his hand
- his understanding of language is improving (he knows give, take, sit, milk, hole, hot, no, go outside, "nyam nyam" which means eat and a couple of other things...)
- he does like people and playing games like, ring around the rosie, peak a boo, catch me games, hiding games, anything physical)
- doesn't mind being touched, flipped, squished, kissed ect..
- he is sad when his older brother cries, he laughs when people play and are smiling
- there is back and fourth sound exchange
- he attempts to communicate in other ways like taking me to what he wants
- no feeding issues
- generally likes being with people
- can imitate actions / sometimes sounds if you show him a couple of times
- says "ok, give, go, ye" has lots of sounds
- he pets my head when i say "pretty mommy"

The bad:
- no real words with intention, he looks at me and puts his arms towards me and "yells" to be picked up... doesn't say ma ma
- doesn't play with too many different toys...some he uses properly..others he bangs, throws and so on...
- no pointing with index finger
- no imaginary play that i can see

Despite "experts" telling me he is not autistic... i cant help but be afraid that something is wrong... i am sad he is not developing communication as should.

How do your children compare? Any thoughts?
(we are in speech therapy once a week in our home)

Thank you :)


Dove - posted on 08/18/2016




He sounds like a pretty typical toddler. Stop looking for something to be wrong w/ him and just enjoy who he IS. There is a WIDE range of normal when it comes to development and he sounds fine. Some kids at his age are more advanced... some are less.

Sarah - posted on 08/18/2016




I would have to agree....does not sound autistic. Just because there is a language delay does not mean autism. There are MANY other things that can cause language delay. Sometimes it is simply just a delay and with a little bit of extra work with a speech therapist they catch up and there are no other concerns. Even at 16 months evaluating speech is hard. There is such a wide range of normal at that age and so much growth that happens between now and 2 yrs old.


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Svjetlana - posted on 08/19/2016




Thank you for your comments, they help.


I am trying to focus on the fact that my child IS proggresing... And building his understanding of words (few words a week). But no words exept "give" for now...

I wanted to help other moms who maybe want to work with their child but cant afford a in home language therapist...

Our therapist:

Plays with our child..on the floor, throughout the house, outside...

She plays on her own trying to get Robert to imitate her..

She exadurates every sound and word using different intonations, gestures, and facial expressions... (he loves goofy faces) they make him laugh..

When he likes something.. She does it over and over and over again...

She puts a hat on her head and when he takes it of her head she makes funny noises faces and sounds... So he gives her back the hat or puts it back on her head... And they play...

She walks around stomping her feet and saying "boom boom boom" he stomps like she does.. But doesnt copy the sound.

She bangs her hands on the table playing music. He does the same and dances.

They fill a bucket with toys and than dump it out all over...

They do a lot of "give me".. "Take"..."where is".. Really simple... Not the give me one of three toys offered kind of "give"....

Looking forward to your thoughts..

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