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Hi everyone,
I am a new member in this site...
Please help me with your experiences.
My 3 years old boy is not speaking so much just few words like mama, papa, kaka, yaie,..
He most of the time say aaaaaa if he want something or call me..
When he want anything like toy or water he grab my finger and take me to object.
He like to play with me or father or sister but plays alone too.
He dnt play with his class mates just smiles looking at them..
He like to go out side..
But he dnt understand much.
He dnt copy me..
He do not have a good eye contact...
Main problem is he do not copy me as kids learn by copying their parents...
He understand little commands like come with me...
You want ur milk???
Lets watch tv..
He like rhymes too much..
It could be autism???
We do not have any kid like him in our family..
I am worried alot..


Raye - posted on 01/04/2016




You probably want to look into having him evaluated for a speech or developmental disorder. The lack of eye contact might be an indication of Autism, but it's not a deciding factor, so don't read too much into it until you know for sure. Do you work with him to get him to talk more? When he pulls you to something he wants, do you ask him to say the word for what it is? Praise him for trying, even if he gets it not-quite-right. If you scold him for getting words wrong, then he may be afraid to try to say new words.

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