spitting 4 year old

Annie - posted on 09/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




please help,

my 4 year old daughter has just start school, she comes home angry, I can tell she is over welmed and confussed, as well as I know it will take time for her to get used to the new routine of school every day, for 6 hours each day,

but she came

home to day, infact since she started on the 5 of september all angry, not listerning to a word me and dad had to say, to night she spat at her dad, saying she does not love him, I want you to leave, all sorts of stuff, It has broke his heart as well as mine, she and her younger brother do have the flu at the momment, so I guess them both are emontioned up to the eye balls, she has never been the sweetest child tho she has her momments, and of course we make the most of this, but I am at my ends on how to stop this aggression and having no respect for any of her family, she is the sweetest thing at school and does'nt say boo to a goose, any advice, (sorry about any spelling mistakes, its been a long day)


Ella - posted on 09/11/2012




I no from my own experience if my son comes home and is an aggressive mood,that he's had a "bad"day at school,I generally go threw a little squabble with him and then I'll say cum on then,who's upset u at school,or as something happend u want to talk to me about,if something has happend we will talk I'll give him some suggestions to help lift his spirits and tell him things are always better if you talk to some one close about it then I remind him gently that it is not nice for him to take that manner with me if he's upset,if he needs to talk I'm always here.....althoe sum times he says he's. Had a good day n he's prob tiered or sum thing then I do time outs where he'll go to his room for a while,cum down apologise for his attitude n we try start agen,althoe thease things may not be the case it's worth investigating all is well at school.....if it is I'd personally suggest u up ur game with her to let her no that behaviour and attitude like that is unacceptable,hope this helps u x

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