Spliting w/my husband after 17 years. What should I do Lawyer or Notary?

Jillian - posted on 07/15/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am going to leave my husband due to serious problems resulting from his 25 year addiction to porn, as well as his recent obsurd accusations. He had the nerve to recently accuse me of cheating! Probably because he has a guilty conscience himself. Either way it's not true. Yet he started treating me like crap, calling me a slut and demanding answers that I simply don't have. Like "You need to tell me the TRUTH who have you been sleeping with? Just because I work late, take more baths than usual and have bought new underware. Those were his reasons...Nothing else. Honestly, I've had it. We have two young children, a son almost 16, and a daughter 7. He told me I can leave and take my daughter, but I would need to leave my son with him in the house so he could continue to go to the same high school. Honestly, I don't really want the house. It's a lot of up keep and I can't do it nor can I afford the mortgage. He seems to want to just handle this between us. Am I completely crazy for not using my savings to get an attorney? What if I just write up an agreement and we both sign it in front of a notary? Would that hold up in court???


Christy - posted on 07/16/2011




Good for you. LEAVE ASAP, and with BOTH your kids. And screw the idea he has of handling this btwn the 2 of you. So far he has accused you of cheating on him, called you names, etc. What makes you think he would be "civil" not using an attorney and handling it just between the 2 of you. Also, are there ANY life insurance policies to deal with, child support, etc etc? You will HAVE to have an attorney to decifer all this.

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