Spoling your children.

Lisa - posted on 05/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




How much is too much when it comes to spoiling your children.


Louise - posted on 05/11/2011




I think every parent should be able to spoil there children on occasions but when it gets expected by the child that is to much. Buying things on demand is not right either. Just be sensible small treats are fine but spending lots of money on expensive toys that will not be played with for long is just daft. We all want the best for our kids and don't want them to go with out but it is also our job as parents to teach children the value of money and that helping them save for a specific toy that is expensive is worth more to your child than just getting every thing on a plate.

Charlie - posted on 05/11/2011




It is too much when your child thinks they are entitled to material things , you cannot spoil a child with love though.


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Jen - posted on 05/11/2011




example one i know a girl whos 13 and she only happy if someone is buying her sumthing the other day she had sum trainners for 52 pound she wrote on facebook love you mom then one of her uncles has been taking her to away games and shes like love you uncle least one of my uncles loves me when all her uncles love her they just dont buy her things. shes gets what she wants when she wants and when she turn 18 her mom is going to have her hands full as she will want to go out and wont listen to ground rules. if shes doesnt get her own way she lays on a fake panic attack and crys or says im going to live with my dad. one spoilt child and one day when shes all grown up she might have her bubble burst and find out money cant buy love if it did i wouldnt be reading all about these celebs terriable lies wasting money on drugs n booze just because they can!

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