Spotted -18 days late -negative test- now spotting

Abby - posted on 03/11/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




last period started
Jan 22-27
Experienced spotting for two days
Feb 13-14
Went to see doc for a random sore throat
An actual period never came in feb

Had most symptoms of pregnancy except morning sickness such as throwing up.

Sleeping like crazy ( couldn't stay up to finish bowl of cereal)
Eating like a pig
Nausea throughout the day
In and out the bathroom
Stomach gurgling
Burning up temperature wise
Burping when I usually can't burp myself
After first morning pee I have diarrhea right after .
Vagina stays wet
Weird dreams
Back pains
Break outs in face and chest
Emotional watching scandal smh
Enhanced smell and taste

Toke 5 test all came back negative so I just tried to forget

Today it's March 11
Went to restroom wiped saw light pink

Here's how my usual periods are like
I cramp 3 days before an actual blood flow
First day of blood flow I bleed heavy post pain experienced by third day cramps decrease and flow gets lighter 5 day I'm done.

I read that it's possible for some women to get negative test results and still be pregnant but I was really done with the idea

Could this be a start of my period if so why so late?
Is this a miscarriage ?
Could I be pregnant even though all test are negative. I toke each one different days few days apart. Used first morning pee three different brands.


Michelle - posted on 03/11/2015




We really have no idea. Maybe go back to your doctor and ask for a blood test. They will test your HCG levels and be able to tell you.

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