Spotting 2 weeks after missed period

Michele - posted on 03/08/2018 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok ladies, I need some insight. I've been off birth control for over 2 years now as my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, however, we've had some difficulty and it turns out the issue lies with him, although I have never been tested. Being that at the moment we cannot afford IVF, we still hold out hope to conceive naturally. That being said, my periods have been slightly irregular but not by much. I was supposed to get my period around 2/22 and that date came and went. Now this past week (since Sunday) I've been spotting with slight cramping but it differs from my regular full flow periods. I can go a whole day without needing to change my tampon and there's still some white/dry spots left on it. No clots either (I know, TMI). I do have 2 kids but this never happened with my other pregnancies. I have yet to take a home pregnancy test bc I'm nervous what the result could be. Any idea what this could be? Am I just having a really light period? It's lasted 5 days now.


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Michelle - posted on 03/09/2018




We have no idea what it could be. I suggest taking a test or seeing your doctor.

Miariam - posted on 03/08/2018




It could be you're ancious, or having anxiety about it, could cause decrease of flow or a enormous increase of flow, had my third after, years, 14, my symptoms was heartburns!

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