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My oldest started JK this year. When she first started, I was heavily pregnant with our twin baby girls. This meant I was on modified bed rest for the last month and a half or so and the responsibility of dropping her off at school fell to my husband.
During that time, my husband was friendly toward a woman who lives in our building and has children who are also in Kindergarten at my daughter's school. One of her daughters is actually in her class. My husband was very gracious toward her because she claimed to be new to the country (we live in Canada) and was temporarily separated from her husband due to immigration issues (it was a big sob story).
In short time, however, she began to try to integrate herself into my husband's life. Even though she knew I was pregnant and bed ridden, she would try to guilt my husband into watching her kids on the weekend. She also tried to get him to come down to her apartment on the regular so the "girls could play" but would always insist my husband come down too. She would also wait for my husband in front of the building so she could walk with him, ask if the girls could play together in front of the kids (so that he would have to say no to 4-5 year olds), even get her children to make her requests for her.
Not once, did she introduce herself to me, despite making these requests of my husband and becoming friends with him on various social media sites.
After I had my babies, I finally met her and she would not look me in the eye, would generally just speak to my husband. Yet, the requests for help and company (despite us dealing with newborn twins) kept coming.
At some point, my husband and I decided to ignore her requests and politely decline her. With me up and moving, we were able to meet other parents and kids my daughter wanted to get together with. Unfortunately, if she saw we were walking home/to the park with another parent/child she would have her kids run up and ask if they could come over and play. When we would politely say we had other plans, the mother would trail us wherever we were going.
She has also showed up at school crying to tell my husband how lonely she is and how she wants to get the girls together again.
Her newest ploy is to get her 4 year old to tell my 4 year old (during school hours) that she is coming over today. When my daughter comes out of the school gates, she gets upset when she learns she isn't going to go over to their apartment to watch cartoons and have candy. I have to talk her down and tell her we have other plans. Lately, this woman sends her kids running to me, they'll hold my stroller with their arms, and tell me they having my daughter over today.
My husband and I are to the point that we are not sure what to do. We have been polite, nice, and as helpful as we can be. I find her behaviour disturbing and manipulative, and my husband is getting freaked out.
Has anyone else ever had to deal with this type of parent? What should we do? What should we say so that she'll leave us alone?
I'm starting to get scared.


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you husband might have to bluntly tell her to knock it off.
I live in Canada too. Maybe you could get the police to give her a warning.

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