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Hi, I have an 11 year old who was diagnosed with ADD when she was 8. I've always been very hesitant on giving her meds. I tried meds for a couple of months back when she was first diagnosed but hearing so many bad things about these kinds of medications I stopped. She's been struggling so much with school pretty since she was in kinder. This year she got retained in 5th grade which is so difficult for me to explain to her why she isn't going to middle school with her friends as sister. It just breaks my heart. She is a well behaved child at school and at home she's just a normal kid jumping around, nothing i can't handle. Her only problem is the lack of attention and focus. After meeting with teachers, principle, and Dr I decided to give meds another try. I'm still hesitant but everyone tells me I'm holding her back and making it worse for her by not giving her meds. Any advice?


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When you initially removed her from the meds, did you do so at the advice of your physician, or because you 'heard so many bad things', so you decided to stop the medical treatment prescribed?
Have you looked into other avenues of treatment?
Generally, although a few doctors simply push meds, most will work with you on alternative forms of treatment, and work until any necessary meds are the correct ones. 'everyone' is close to correct in this. If you are withholding medical treatment and medications that can help her manage her condition, then you ARE doing her a disservice, and you ARE holding her back.
Get into a comprehensive treatment plan.

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