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Ashley - posted on 06/04/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I was wondering, for all of you moms out there who have had a baby for a while or several children. My daughter is 2 1/2 months old, and she is hungry every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. She refuses to eat anymore then 4-4 1/2 ounces per feeding, but then she is hungry right away again. So I wanted to maybe start her on baby cereal to fill her up more, but a lot of people say to wait until 4 months. If I was to slowly start her on it now would it hurt her or effect her negatively in any way?


Ashley - posted on 06/04/2010




Oh really? See everyone that asks me how often she eats, when I say every 1 1/2 to 2 hours they all seem surprised and say she should be eating every 3-4 hours already, so I thought maybe it was a problem. I am a first time mom so I don't really know what she should be doing at this age yet. And I do try and feed her again after a few minutes after I burp her but she wants nothing to do with it. Is it a growth spurt if she does it all the time though? It didn't just start suddenly, idk I guess if it's normal then I will just wait another month and a half to give her cereal. I'm in no rush I just want to make sure she's not hungry all the time.


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Nikki - posted on 06/04/2010




2 1/2 months she is most likely going through a growth spurt, just feed her when she needs it, it won't last forever. Don't give her cereal, she is too little, wait until she is 6 months.

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is she breastfeed? because if she is then the timing is right even with formula babies it happens don't worry just give her another bottle when she is ready for one, she still little and doing a lot of her growing.

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More then likely your daughter is going through a growth spurt where she will need to eat eat eat. At 2.5 months starting a baby on rice cereal can be very harmful to her digestive system as it is not yet fully formed and processing solids will be difficult, this may cause her more harm then good. Your happy baby will become very fussy gassy and constipated. Ideally it is recommended you wait til 6 months and feed by spoon only, at earliest 4 months. ALL she needs right now is breast milk or formula that is ALL

on another note my son is a huge eater at birth he was eating 4 ounces, by 3 months 8 ounces and then at 4.5 months 12 ounces this was every two hours, finally at 4 months we gave in, but started with veggies, bc cereal caused him severe constipation and he hated it, plus it has really no nutrional value.

I would talk to your doctor first

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I think talking to your doctor is a good idea. Babies differ. My first one I started on cereal at about 4 months. My 3rd (& current one) I started on at a little over 3 months. She had increased her eating. After starting her on cereal, she went back to her normal eating.

Katherine - posted on 06/04/2010




No, Lisa is probably right. My niece who is off the charts in length ate every 1- 1 1/2 hrs for 2 weeks and grew 1/2 an inch. When you take her for her next check up see how many inches she's gained and all of her other measurements. My 14mo same thing. That little thing put away more than I did in a day and she had grown an 1 1/2 inches in a month.

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Speak to your doctor before starting her on cereal at that young age. Babies do have growth spurts so you may just need to feed her on demand until she settles down. Good luck :)

Diane - posted on 06/04/2010




When she only drinks the 4 ounces wait a few minutes after burping her then see if she'll drink 2 more but usually at 2 1/2 months u still go through with the every two hour feedings by 3 months it'll be every 3 to 4 hours and she'll e drinking more.

Amanda - posted on 06/04/2010




Do not introduce food to a baby to early, you are setting your child up for possible health issues later on in life. When she asks for more food give her another bottle, simple solution for a simple problem.

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