Starting court ordered over-nights next weekend; How did your little ones do?

Kelsey - posted on 04/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




The weekend that I've been dreading is next weekend; when my baby will be one and has to go over-nights with my ex. My ex doesn't have a stable, consist environment and I know I have no control over but I can't help but to worry.

One of the various reasons why my ex and I broke up was parenting styles. He wanted the full-blown cry-it-out method while I actually tended to the baby's needs; whether that be breastfeeding, diaper change, or an extra snuggle or two. I'm afraid that, my son will be treated differently from the way I've been taking care of him since birth and that it will be more traumatizing then just being at a different place to sleep and gone for 24 hours.

My ex is sort of living with his girlfriend of three months off and on. They've broke up like once a week since the end of March. She has three kids of her own and I have no idea what the sleeping arrangements are going to be. Whether the crib is in their room or another child's room. I'm so worried, that one of her kids will hit him because he'll wake them up in the middle of the night or my ex might shake him out of frustration. I've basically had every scenario run through my head since April 1st.

So ladies how did your little ones do on their first over-night away? Please tell me it isn't as bad as I've been thinking!


Jessica - posted on 04/21/2013




My daughter spent her first night away when she was 7 months old and she did great! I made sure that my daughter had her favourite blanket and teddy bear with her. And I made sure that grandma knew her bedtime routine. You would be amazed at how well babies adjust. I know it can be so scary leaving your baby for the first time but you have to do it eventually so just try and relax and don't show your little one how nervous you are because they can sense it. As for your ex, just keep an eye out. I know that these visits are court ordered but your son is still your number priority so if you notice anything weird with your son after his visits then at that point I would look for other visitation options. Hope this helps!

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