Starting kindergartener on ADHD medication

Lindsey - posted on 10/07/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I have always thought my son had ADHD.. he always always had trouble paying attention and is generally just off the wall. We started soccer and boxing classes and I have noticed there and at home, his attention has gotten worse. So I can only imagine how he is at school. His teacher has pulled me aside and told me days he could not stay still or pay attention what so ever. . I got the Vanderbilt form from the pediatrician and the teacher and I both filled it out. The doctor said Isaiah definitely has ADHD. He prescribed Isaiah 10 mg methylphenidate which is Ritalin. I am nervous and feel awful about putting my son on a medication.. but I know he is struggling at school and I don't want to see him have a hard time like I did. I wish my parents got me on something earlier.. I still just feel bad about it and am
Nervous about the side affects. Someone I know has their child on the same thing and said they love it, but it does suppress his appetite and sometimes has trouble sleeping. That worries me .. does anybody have any thoughts or have a child on something for ADHD?


Ev - posted on 10/08/2016




If you are worried about doing this then get a second opinion. One doctor just does not make the final determination. You should have been sent to a place where the child could have been tested by a psychiatrist to find out for sure and discussed the kinds of medications offered for ADD or ADHD. ALWAYS ask questions. Do not assume that the doctor is right and that the one medication they say the child needs is the right course of action. Find out the side affects--there are always with ANY medication--that each one has and compare it to any and all meds your child has had or is on to make sure of a reaction as well as if it make the side effects worse or if it makes the medication not work right. The teachers anymore have so many kids that just one with any type of issues makes or breaks the classroom experience for all not just the teacher. Also she should have some sort of training on how to deal with kids who are like this so she can deal with them as the year progresses. She needs to understand that kids like this are all different and react differently with this disorder. She also needs to understand that she can recommend getting the kids tested and on medication but A TEACHER is not a medical professional AND THEREFORE can not say a child is ADD or ADHD and should be on medication. You are the parent. You do what you think best for the kids.

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