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Zenobia - posted on 02/17/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 5 month old that has tried out ice cream, chewed on a carrot and enjoys watching his father and I eat. My baby also tries to reach for our food when we are eating. I have been breast feeding my baby, and need some help on what I should do to start him on solids. Any suggestions??


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Bonnie - posted on 02/17/2011




I started both my boys on rice cereal at 5 months (found in the baby section). You can mix it with water or breast milk. They only take one to two tablespoons at first and it should be a very thin consistency, like soup.

September - posted on 02/17/2011




With our son we stared with a single grain rice cereal. That lasted about 2 weeks and then I added in fresh steamed veggies that I would puree. Fruits followed the veggies , then meats, beans and finally dairy. I would talk to your child's pediatrician prior to adding solids; he or she will provide you with all the important information. Personally I would not feed a 5 month old ice cream, but that's just me.

Aliska - posted on 02/17/2011




Most babies start with special baby cereal you can buy in the supermarket. You can mix it with breastmilk since you're breastfeeding. See how he goes with that for a while then you can move on to stewed fruit like apples or pears and mashed veges like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin etc. This doesn't need to be pureed, fork-mashing is fine as it is better for babies to have some texture to their food. If you want more ideas a good book to look at is 'Breast Bottle Bowl'. It covers what to feed babies, toddlers and pre-schooler and includes recipes.

Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2011




With my kids I stared out with the baby oatmeal. Most of the time they say to do rice, but since mine always had constipaton issues anyway, I went straight to oatmeal. I mixed it with formula (you would do breastmilk), and quite a bit so it was pretty runny. I then fed them about 15min before they would normally take a bottle, so that they were hungry, but not to the point where they were starving and wanted the instant gratification. Just make sure you're ready for a mess, because at first they aren't sure how to work the tongue, so more comes out than what goes in, but it sure does make some cute pics!

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