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Rachel - posted on 05/28/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Okay so Vance is about to hit 7 months old and he has done up to stage 3 foods and still seems to want more...He is very interested in what my husband and I eat at dinner time. In fact he cries when I eat something and then give him something different. He has no teeth but I was told teeth aren't important it's the gumming process that's important. He does however know how to do chewing movements. I usually make his baby food pretty thick with cereal so it is more filling. I want to start Table foods, because I really think that he is ready for it now. Problem is, I have no idea what some good foods are to start with besides like bananas and mashed potatoes. Any suggestions would be awesome!!!!


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Mel - posted on 05/28/2009




mine didnt have teeth til 7 months but was on solids from 3 months, so we got told its ok to give rusks with spreads on them, toast or bread, and crackers as long as you watch him with them. you can try slices of cheese cut thin my daughter loves this. i cant think of anything else my daughter had at that age but theres plenty of things if you give pasta or vegies just cook them longer to make them softer

Rachel - posted on 05/28/2009




thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions!!!! He goes to the doctor tomorrow for a late 6 month check up and I will also see if the doc can suggest some things too...I got some egg yolks at the store today so I will try eggs in the morning.. Thanks everyone!!!

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what a exciting stage! seems like your baby is a good eater! that's so good! I still can recall those times with my lil girl, her favorite was banana! she can eat those whole day, but like you I wanted to give her different variation, and I did, I remember mashing potatoes, carots, couliflower, chicken and many more. She didn't really eat those gerber kind, in the morning she had the cereal, and lunch and dinner I made her food.. what I did was I bought fresh veggies (carots, brocoli, spinach, potato etc) anything really, then I put them in the food processor, and with ground meat or chicken, i made a kinda lika a meatball/loaf, (sometimes put an egg too). and cooked them in the pan.. she loved it! it had all the good stuff and it was yummy too, no preservative and all. healthy. try it, and he might dig it too. Good luck and enjoy this very fun moments with your son..

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I think I might be able to help here... My youngest who is now almost 2 was the same way. I started him on foods early because nothing else satisfied him. Most cooked vegies are good and easy for babies to gum (i.e. cooked carrots and cooked brocoli). If you have a food processor it's even easier because you can mash down other foods or purea other foods such as meats so that baby can gum them down too. Just remember to start Vance off slowly and watch for signs that he may not be ready for certain foods. My son loved toast (it got soggy enough for him to gum, but was textured enough to help him teeth).

Cathralynn - posted on 05/28/2009




I started with the gerber finger foods. They make those puffs, crackers etc. They are kinda fluff, but a good transition food. Easily dissolveable. Then quickly moved to soft fruits and cooked veggies. My daughter loves blueberries and strawberries (warning docs say not to give berries til after a year cause of allergies, but I had no trouble) Other things: cheerios, cooked whole grain pasta, cheese, yogurt, crackers (I like kashi TLC the best) and scrambled egg yolks ( not whites). I also love freeze dried fruits for snacks on the go, they dissolve on contact!

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My baby likes avacado, mac & cheese, lunch meat, rice & veggies. You can also try mandarin oranges.

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