Starting to get lonely, I'm down to one friend!

Andrea - posted on 11/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I completely knew that having a baby, especially so young would take a toll on my social life.
But it's starting to become so lonely. I hate that I can't even send a text to someone when I'm having a bad day or just want a friend to talk to.
I moved an hour from my original location for the convienence in finances &all but I go visit my old neighborhood a lot &i hate people always saying that me moving is the excuse we don't talk cause that's what phones and cars a for! My area is even train accessible so you don't even realistically need a car. I'm just sick of the excuses, and when I ask them why I wasn't invited to places I can go it's always the same junk.
I just need to know where this is going? Is it gonna get worse? Should I just stop trying altogether?
I'm new to this site by the way so excuse my full vent mode, I'm just overwhelmed.


Joanna - posted on 11/12/2013




I know how you feel I feel like I lost touch with a lot of my Freinds to know that I have a baby but in my opinion they probably think like "oh she can't come she has a baby now" or "she's prolly too busy with the baby or tired" that's how I used to think of girls with baby's but it would make me kinda sad because I felt so lonely when I was in that situation but now I think of it as true friends will always stick around so I made my self more open by txn ppl more and the ppl who would still kinda be like that I just let them go besides as times so by theres more chance to meet new ppl like at kids parks kids dance class work school ext. :)

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