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Let's see here.... I was never a size 0 I was always a thick girl and I embraced my curves I never had self esteem issues until I realized I wasn't going to "bounce back" after baby! When I became pregnant I thought it was free game eat what ever you want I mean you are eating for two right ? :) I was 195 when I was in labor after our son was born I did what the dr told me not to do....I stepped on that scale and only to find out I was 181lbs my heart dropped! I wasn't to worried about at the time because I was holding my beautiful baby boy and there is no other feeling when a mother sees her child for the first time crying right now as I am typing... :) breastfeeding was hard for me couldn't produce enough milk for my baby tried everything!!!. So I felt as if I failed as being a mother and started focusing on my body every single time I looked in the mirror I thought I was looking into one of those fun house mirrors!! I could have been one of those umpa lumpas I swear! My stomach looked as if I had twins or more the saggy skin was terrible! I gave up I was still eating like I was eating for two I was so depressed with my body and not being able to breastfeed so I tried eveything! HCG diet 500 calories a day HA! (that was fun...not) Slimquick Hydroxycut and Alli didn't see much of a difference lost about 30 pounds which was amazing but didn't look or feel as if I did. I still had this terrible looking kangaroo pouch and it wasn't going away or getting better one day while on facebook I look at my newsfeed and see this picture of some girl with a wrap and the after picture blew my mind! After doing immense amount research all I saw was wonderful reviews decided "what do I have to lose I already I tried everything?"...within 45 min I saw a stomach again and hardly a pouch !! My fiance could not believe it! hes the type to believe its all about diet and exercise no shortcuts! Signed up for it works in February 2013 been a loyal customer for 5 months and couldn't think of one reason why not to be a distributor! So here I am!! I have my self confidence back I feel sexy again! I want to give and help women feel sexy, confident and just embracing their bodies! Every women is beautiful and deserves to be happy within themselves. We as women are consistently judging ourselves and with It Works it's so simple and inexpensive that you should just give it works a try and BE THE WOMEN YOU WANT TO BE :)

Have Trust in It Works!

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