Stay at home mom's worth !

Ishta - posted on 03/11/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi...I have been married for 7 years now, stay at home mom to my going to be 5 year old daughter. For these 7 years my husband used to give his entire salary to his mom, who lives with us. She used to give me pocket money for myself, and run the house herself ( literally...from what food will be cooked in the kitchen to whatever the running of a house needs). I had no say in anything, and was also kept in the dark about all the investments, plus, i didnt even know his actual salary. it was just take your pocket money and stay away.My husband's logic was that she had brought up her 2 sons on her own after her husband left her, so she has all the right. I lived with it for 7 years, finally raised my voice. Now I am slowly taking charge of my house. Now my husband says to me that he buys stuff for me from his salary...similarly I should also please him by buying stuff for him from my salary. What I get as pocket money is his earned money that dsnt count much. In another words, I should work. I decided to stay at home because his job takes him away from home for days at a time. So I wanted to be there for our daughter. And we had no financial issues also because he earns good. Am I wrong in feeling hurt for all this ? It feels like I am no worth coz I am not earning.
Plz help me...


Jodi - posted on 03/11/2014




Is your daughter school age - does she go to school? Once she is at school, I don't see the problem with working part time.

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