Stay at home mom--- so tired!!! Help!!

Valoree - posted on 03/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a stay at home mom... Which I am super grateful I am able to stay at home with my son.. But I am so tired and during the week I stay in pjs almost all day. I feel bad complaining when I only have one child when many have 2+ and manage to do a lot. I worked a little bit(30 hrs or less a week)when my son was younger and had an awesome babysitter, but we moved to another state and I decided that I would go back into the workforce later. What I don't understand is when I worked and my son was not sleeping through the night - I was less tired than I am now that he mostly sleeps through the night and I get to stay at home and sometimes sleep in. I take my son out of the house and we go to the park, museums, etc... At least 3x a week, But I usually just throw on a hat, no makeup because I just am exhausted and so don't care what I look like anymore. My husband works longer hrs and is usually home for about 3 hrs till he goes to bed, so my conversations I have during the week with someone other than my 2 yr old are few and far between. I prob am not eating the best and am too exhausted to work out(which I did when I was working). Sorry about the super long post, but looking for any advice?


Sarah - posted on 03/29/2015




First I would say check with your doc to make sure there is no medical issue going on...low iron, thyroid problem, etc. My guess is that it is just your routine. If I stay in my pj's all day or even just don't put my contacts in and instead wear my glasses I feel tired the whole day. Our brain tells our body that we are ready for bed and should be tired. So my advise is get up, shower, get dressed in nice but casual clothes, and put on make up. Your job is being a mommy, but it is still a job you need to get dressed and ready for just like any other job. Find some play groups and mommy and me classes you can join to meet other moms. Then plan get togethers with them.

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