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Thank you everyone for your responses I'll be starting to move forward even started taking walks and daily trips to the store alone with my children and it is so much easier relying on me than my boyfriend and honestly not as stressful, except when my son is hungry (breastfeeds), he refuses a bottle never could figure it out, but it's part of motherhood I'm willing to do and enjoy it. I'm not sure how I'll handle things with custody or visiting the kids's dad, but I'm working on my options. Thank you guys for your imput. Being a alone with just my thoughts is not cool.


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Sarah - posted on 07/27/2016




I agree, especially withyou taking the kids out to get food. I took all four kids under 7 to the store regularly; you cannot let the kids go hungry.
For you safety and sanity, I would talk to a lawyer, if you leave and the BF want partila custody, then take it to sourt and petition the judge to order a drug and alcohol eval. If he is not sober, he cannot parent and you must be the advocate for the kids.
Alcoholism is a terrible disease, and he needs treatment. Especially if he has an underlying mental health issue. Detox from alcohol can be fatal without medical help. I'd offer to take him to rehab, if he refuses? Either leave or kick him out.

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Sounds like a very scary and dysfunctional home. No you are not wrong for considering leaving, but you will be wrong if you let things continue the way they are going. Your child almost dying 2x while you are on a walk? What the hell was he eating? Why was your boyfriend not attentive to his 9 mos old son? That is a scary situation. He has proved he is not responsible to be left alone with his own children, or they might die from eating. Awful.

"He brings home food for himself and nothing for me and our kids most nights where I have to BEG to take me to the store (I refuse to go to store with my kids alone if I have their father there to help) just so I can at least get my kids something to eat."

I cannot let this go. Someone HAS to be responsible. You know how many times I have to take my kids out solo? That is a part of life. Your children eating is more important than proving a point. You need to play a role in growing up also. These children need at least ONE strong level headed, healthy parent. They need someone to rely on. They cannot raise themselves, or drive and shop for food....but YOU can.

If you are planning on leaving, get yourself a lawyer and look into custody options, and child support.

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