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Amanda - posted on 07/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I recently lost my job and am now able to stay home with my two boys, one is almost three and the other is 4 months old. I would like to make a 'schedule' for them. Now the tv must go off at 9am and we eat lunch at 12pm and a nap at 2pm or 3pm. As of right now my 4 month old sleeps every 2 hours so we have to do things somewhat around his schedule. I have trips planned to the park and the pool and visiting grandma, but i'm not sure how to occupy our time the rest of the day. I'm one who can clean and clean and clean and my 3 year old will just sit and watch tv which I do not want. Do i have art time or story time and then just play around with them? its possible that having my younger son is making it harder for me to realize what to do with my older son. Am i over thinking this thing of 'what to do'??? I just need ideas that we can do together or projects and if anyone has a 'schedule' for their kids. art time from 10-11 story time from 11-12 or anything. i just need a little guidance.



Kristie - posted on 07/03/2012




I have been a stay at home mom since Nov. 02(had son feb. 03), with 3 kids it's hard. They read(all but the youngest) watch cartoons go outside(son has to be forced sometimes to go out). Annoy the crap out of me. When the older 2 were in school it was a bit easier with the youngest. Summer rolls around and my schedule goes out the window. we eat lunch at 145(that's when hubby leaves for work), sometimes their great uncle will come get the three of them(the only one who does), or son goes to papaw's house(hard telling when he will be back), or oldest daughter or son will go to their uncles. They don't see my side of the family much since they live in Massachusetts. The girls likes to color, son like to search batman or star wars(or nyone who played in those movies and whatnot). The girls like to play on my Kindle Fire.

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