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Ronelle - posted on 04/06/2012 ( 15 moms have responded )




I would like to start exercising to lose my weight, but i am not that motivated to do it on my own. i am a single mom with twin girls who are the light of my eye. i struggle everyday to provide for them, and to keep my self together its getting harder and harder but there are times i am so depressed that all i do is cry. I just want to feel whole again and need help.

what can i do to left myself up and to motivate my self in starting to exercise. i am trying to loose all the weight after having my twins and its just 50 lbs i need to loose.


Katherine - posted on 04/06/2012




Take walks with your twins. Brisk ones. Play with them outside, then move on to different exercises like DVD's, then join a club. Find a partner who will motivate you and you her.


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Groovy Girl - posted on 04/08/2012





I have been battling weight gain since I was urged to go on medication to treat my depression.

I gained 70 pounds over the course of being on those Mede for 3 years. Now I am battling depression over large amount of weight gain. Research any Meds if you decide to get treated for your depression. My doctors told me weight gain was a tiny possibility, but were quite shocked how much I had put on.

Good luck

Ronelle - posted on 04/07/2012




ambra its just me and the girls i am unemployeed so its a little hard to higher a sitter lol but i will be going for walks with them once i get a jogger stroller

Ambra - posted on 04/07/2012




I too also deal with depression and have since before my son was born. I also have a hard time getting motivated so since you have twins use them to get motivated. Going for walks that are either fast paced and short or slow with lots of exploring. Also playing on the floor with them and constantly getting up or moving around with them is great and your having fun with your girls. Once their old enough take them to play centers and just simply follow them around and lift them up for climbing. Eating whole grain cheerios is great for u and the girls. Eat many small healthy meals throughout the day will increase your metabolism which will start to burn fat. Another thing is on pay day hire a sitter if you don't have family close by and go out whether to a movie or to a local event in the area but just something that is all for you and/or friends. We all need time away from our kids to keep sane. Best of luck to you

Kiela - posted on 04/07/2012




Join my fitness pal its free it helps calculate everytjing u eat ..its helped me a ton ..and i finally got a trainer for a month to show me what excersizes to do ..and ive been doing them with great results and i feel so much better everyday i work out ....

Katrin - posted on 04/07/2012




I have the same motivation issue as you, and I only have 1 baby, so I can't imagine doing it with twins. Here are some of the things that worked for me, try some or all of them that you think work for you:

1) I don't think getting a gym membership would be all that practical for you, and it just adds cost and stress since you are a single mom with twins you would need to have daycare there and trying to get everyone ready and in the car would be difficult to motivate to do. Instead, buy a workout video (I also used 30-day shred and like it), or look on craig's list for a used excercise machine. People usually sell them for pretty cheap after they realize they aren't using them as much as they had hoped. Put it in front of the TV and only let your self watch TV if you are on the machine.

2) Find a walking/jogging buddy. If you have a friend that is in the same situation you are much more likely to motivate if they are waiting for you to go out and you don't want to stand them up.

3) I found that eating better had a bigger impact on weight loss than exercise (though do both for best results). I tend to stress eat, so I needed to get rid of everything I had in the house that was unhealthy and easy to grab (chips, candy, etc.) and replace it with healthier options that were also easy to grab (baby carrots with hummus, apples, berries, etc.)

I know it is hard to motivate, but once you do it one day, it gets easier to do it the next, and keep yourself going, start slow and build up. Good luck. I am down to 8 pounds left to go, and you can do it too!

Mrs. - posted on 04/07/2012




I think going to the doc to make sure everything is in working order...your hormones, your thyroid and any additional therapy you might need to help deal with your depression.

That being said, exercise can be a great tool for depression and weight loss. More importantly, I think the mental health aspects seem to be healthier to focus on. The things is, once you are on the road to dealing with the mental health issues - your weight will most likely fall in line.

I wouldn't reco any "diet". Just eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full and getting out 3 to 4 times a week to walk, run, climb...whatever works with you and your babies. I mean, I used to pick a steep hill in the park and push my stroller up it over and over again. Or, when I was desperate and couldn't get away from the baby to exercise, I'd strap her to me in a Baby Bjorn thingy and climb my 28 story apt building do that three times a week up and down and you start to feel the burn.

I'd also suggest not trying to take it all off in a short period of time, that's way too much pressure to put on yourself and may end up defeating you before you start. Just think of it as medicine for your mind and being a good role model for your kids when it comes to keeping active, even during rough times.

You might also need to let go of the idea, if you still have it, that your body will go back to what it looked like before and if it does, you might regain the sense of control you had before the babies came. You may lose weight, even 50 pounds, but your body may never look exactly the same and the "control" over your body/life pre-baby, that is forever changed....not that there is anything wrong with that. I only mention this because you say, " I just want to feel whole again" and losing weight might have nothing to do with the empty feelings you are having. I may just be you feel empty because you are using all your energy dealing with a huge challenge..being a mother to twins.

I wish you luck and strength.

Jennifer - posted on 04/07/2012




Please call your OB doctor ASAP. You maybe suffering from post-partum depression. Although being overwhelmed can be common, especially with twins, depression can't be overcome by will power alone. A short run of medications may be all it takes to pull you out of the funk. Please call!

Pamela - posted on 04/07/2012




Join a gym. Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. RECOGNIZE that what you eat has a lot to do with weight as well as the issue of extra weight from pregnancy.

Don't pass it off with "I can't afford that!" You only get one body at a time and the best care you take of it, it will return by taking care of you. Gyms usually have "sales" at mid year (summer) and right after the first of the year as people tend to put on weight over the winter holiday months.

Realize that you CAN AFFORD to do this because the money you invest in taking better care of yourself will pay off later when you have maintained your health.

I will be 67 in June and I go to the gym 5 days a week (most weeks). I gained a lot of weight over the past holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Years) and it has taken me a few months to get rid of it. "Poco a poco" ( Little by little) it is coming off....but not without effort on my part.

As usual, I have a lot more energy when I have a regular exercise regimen. I feel better and my attitude about life is better. Lethargy flies out the door. Try'll like the results!!

The highest and best to you!

June - posted on 04/07/2012




It can be difficult finding time for yourself. I started the Gillian Micheals 30 day shred. It is only 20 minutes long from start to finish. In 2 weeks I lost 8 lbs even though I missed a few days. that was fairly motivating for me, especially since I hate exercise. You will feel better about yourself, and exercise is good for the body and soul. Something I am sure you already know. There are always other things to do, other distractions, laundry, dusting, ect, but you need to take time for yourself. The happier you are with yourself, the happier your life with your kids will be. And if you fall off the wagon, which if you are anything like me, you probably will...don't beat yourself up over it. Life gets in the way sometimes, give yourself a break, and when you can, get back on and start exercising again. Good luck!

Ronelle - posted on 04/06/2012




ok thank you

mines is more stress than any thing dealing with alot of depressing i am embrass to say that but for 4 years i have been dealing with alot of depression, wit no support its hard like hell but i will make changes for me inoder to benfit my children

thanks again

Tinker1987 - posted on 04/06/2012




i have the same struggles. but my problem is over eating late at night. what got me motivatd was ordering a jogging stroller, except ill be doing brisk walks not running, i also got a Treadmill ive been going on everyday. trying to work myself up too a hour a day at 3.0mph. at a incline so it burns more calories.. I know how you feel though, im emotional and i never wear nice clothes, mostly sweats. i think its a winter thing for me i think ill get more motivated when i get outside more. also look at what your eating, making food changes and drinking water can help too. i also downloaded a app on my phone called my fitness pal. its basically a calorie counter/ excercise log, its quite motivating if your being honest it will tell you what you COULD weight in x amount of weeks if you stick to eating healthy and excercise.

Amy - posted on 04/06/2012




Hey Ronelle, I don't know how much time you have but you really can make a difference by just changing simple things. If you're out shopping park further from the entrance to get some extra steps in. Limit your carb intake, I try not to have more then a cup a day. My daughter is now 2 years old and i finally said enough is enough,

I'm motivated and ready to lose the weight so I'm doing weight watchers. I've been on it for 2 months now and I'm down just about 16 lbs, I'm looking to lose another 20. I have a treadmill at my house so I started out using it 20 minutes walking, and gradually increased the speed of the walk, then after a couple of weeks are increased the time I used it. Now I'm using it 40 minutes at a time, 30 of which are running. Start by setting small achievable goals for yourself, the weight isn't going to just disappear and that can be frustrating and can really cut your motivation down. It can be simple things like I'm going to eliminate chips from my diet, I'm going to take the stroller and walk a mile around the track. I've seen stroller fitness clubs at malls around me, so look and see if there is one near you. Try to find another mom in your area who is also struggling and become work out partners. The internet is a great resource to see videos of exercises that you can do at home, one of the girls I work with does leg squats holding her 6 month old baby. Good luck, let me know if you need more ideas!

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