Stealing, lies, destruction for fun, verbal abuse and no guilt?

Trista - posted on 04/28/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 11 year old son has not been diagnosed as ODD but I often wonder. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Autism spectrum. His first response to everything is no even when it is a good thing. No matter what the consequence is writing, no IPad (from the school cause we would never have bought one, it has ruined him) spanking, cleaning toilets- he still will take whatever he wants, school property, family property, even from the home of our bible study group. He says sorry but he won't stop because he is only sorry he got caught. Got kicked off the school field trip because he keeps getting in trouble for saying inappropriate things "screw you" to another team. Sad thing is he really thought he was being funny. Never has figured out the inside voice thing. Constantly interrupts. Pokes holes in the walls, takes anything sharp (even breaks light bulbs to get them) to cut into furniture or anything else, like his little brother's bike tires (and not because he was mad just because he likes to break things). He broke about $800 dollars worth of windows just for fun. Screams at us when he gets into trouble because he doesn't recognize that his actions, like lies about homework or taking things from the classroom are his actions. He just sees it as us being mean. He'll sneak food in his room or playroom and just spit out what he doesn't like. He blew his nose on the dog! He'll shove his brother to the ground to get in front of him. For a long time now we don't leave them alone together in the bedroom or playroom all doors must stay open. It isn't safe for his little brother even though there is only 2.5 year difference. I just don't know what to do anymore. Funny thing is I get accused of being too strict by people in our scout pack but look at the history. I can't turn my back for a minute. And when I do? Bad things happen. I'm really afraid he is going to end up in jail before he can finish high school that's how bad he is about recognizing that he isn't the center of everything. He is really very smart. In 3rd grade he was reading books my freshman kids were reading. Then... The school bought IPads and know it is either a screaming match for half an hour to get him to read or he just flat out won't do it. His dad just can't take it. His dad has gotten to the point of leaving the house about 5 minutes before the bus gets home everyday. Which I am thankful for cause at least he isn't home arguing with our son. I can only ask how do you not cry all the time?


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Is your son not getting any help at school from school resources and therapy of any kind for his disorders?

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