Step children step kids teenager step kids help please...

Patricia - posted on 09/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Me and my husband has been married 10 years, when I meet him he told me he had a kid (after I found kids stuff on his flat) that he had a child that he never see because her mum took her away, fast forward many years, he and the mum and the kid got in touch, in 2011 he meet up with them so the girl (16yo) could spend some time with us and get to know us.

Before all of this the girl was sending emails to my husband with pics of her mum saying don't u think my mum look pretty on this picture etc...

So in 2011, the idea was collect the child, spend time with her, and don't have much talk to the mum, after all the so called child is sex active, put on her fb that she was taking injections for birth control, and changing boyfriends ape very couple month, she had to have her mum and my husband on the phone every day even for the silliest thing..

Last week the girl Facebook my husband saying ohh mum give me her engagement ring that u gave her, (my husband never told me they were engaged) I am pretty sure if I was ever engaged I would have remembered.. Any way this has always been on my mind, he don't step up to her to say, look I am not interested in your mum, stop sending silly stuff like that, he don't step up for me, I don't know where can I go from here, how to make it work, I hate the idea of having a step child who try to brake my relation ship whenever she can (this is how I feel) my husband thinks I am been silly, and I should just accept and get on with it, the step daughter leaves in Australia and we in USA. Any thoughts, advice... Thanks... Do I just accept all of this? Do I stick with my guts? Is anyone going trough this? Does it gets better?


Jodi - posted on 09/25/2013




It will get better, she will eventually grow up. I am not sure why you are feeling insecure. Clearly your husband has decided to take the route of ignoring it. Honestly, this is just a teenage drama queen antic. Believe me, she is just looking for attention. If he just continues to ignore this silly behaviour, she will eventually stop. I'm not sure how she is ruining your relationship. She lives across the other side of the world to you. It will only ruin your relationship with your husband if YOU let it. Clearly the only person upset is you, and you seem to be upset over something that happened in your husband's past a LOOOONG time ago. Let it go. He is not engaging in it. So why are you concerned?

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