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Rosanne - posted on 08/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter was 15 when I remarried. She started hanging with the wrong crowd and gave me a hard time for a year or two. But I think every teen goes through a rebellious stage and now she is 18 , has a job and goes to a community college. The problem is my husband hasnt spoken to her in about 3 years and when he does its yelling or being sarcastic to her. I tell him that she is a typical teenager and simple things like a messy room or leaving crumbs on the counter is small stuff and it doesnt warrant her severe punishment ( like grounding her ) and you have to pick your battles.

Recently when she was watching tv he came home (was drinking) and yelled at her to clean her room. He went to the tv and shut it off, then she turned it back on, he then pushed her knocking her off her feet. I told him if it happens again I will leave him. That was in June, well last week she was laying on couch on her phone and she wouldnt get up when he told her to and he ripped the cushions out from under her. ( Again he was drinking) So now I am packing up our stuff and leaving. As I write this down I cant believe I stayed in this marriage and allowed this to happen to my daughter!

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