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Xime - posted on 09/06/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 6 year old year step daughter and a biological daughter with my husband., and currently pregnant with our 2nd child.
To help clarify the situation a bit..the Bm is not happy that her ex has moved on. She has caused us a lot of stress in trying to break us up and has done her best her best to put her daughter against us. My sd is good to my daughter. She tends to have her ups and downs with myself. Lately she has tried telling me she's the boss and doesn't need to listen to me in particular when her dad isn't present. I expect certain things from her as I except them from my daughter...and of course common respect. The father on the other hand...doesn't do anything about this. Tells me to ignore her. I can't allow a child to treat me like this and get away with murder. That's against my morals. It hurts me a great deal that he can't look out for me, as I would do atomically for him. My daughter see's the way she treats me and knows its she hides behind my legs telling her my sd no when she yells at me. i don't want my children raised in this type of environment and don't look forwards to our week with her as he has split custody. I feel he's letting the mom win..and this is very painful for me to accept. Please post only positive comments and help. Being pregnant and for the sake of my insanity and daughter, this has to stop ASAP.

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