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Hi I'm new to the blended family situation me and my husband have 4 kids combined two together and one each from previous relationships he has a little girl with his ex and she has a 11 year old boy that's not biologically my husbands but my husband is the only dad he knows me and my husband have been together 6 years now in the beginning of the relationship I knew about his lil girl because he would always talk about her because her mother didn't allow him to see her he never mentioned a boy but about a year ago something happened and the kids had to go stay with their grandparents so my husband started to see the kids more often we get them on weekends and buring the summer now I love his lil girl to death she's 9 and I was accepting of the boy but now im starting to feel ill feelings about the boy because he tells my son who is six the one i have from a previous relationship that he not their brother and that my husband isn't his real dad and he picks on him and make the other kids not play with my son or tell h mean stuff he bully him for his things like his games and stuff me and my husband sat down with all the kids before and told them that they were all brother s and sisters and that they should love each other as such but he still does it but he's sneaky with it like he wont do it if we're there to see but I listen and pay attention to him and I've caught him when I told my husband the first time he had a personal talk with him but like I said he's sneaky and know when I tell my husband he feels like I'm picking with the boy because he's not his and it's causing a lot of conflict between us and it makes me feel really bad because my sons biological father passed when I was pregnant with him so he doesn't have a father and for this kid that doesn't really have any ties to me to be making my child feel this way make me want to be that evil person and just mistreat the boy I'm torn help please what should I do

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