Step Kids ALWAYS come home sick from their mothers. Do I have the right to say anything?

HeatherJ - posted on 01/29/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ever since I have been with my husband my step kids are ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS coming home sick from their mothers house. She is known to be a dirty person and my in-laws almost called CPS once, because she left her dirty dishes out for so long they were growing mold. My step sons are ages 6 and 9. I have a 17 month old, who I don't want to see getting sick from them.My husband stays at home during the week and works on the weekends. So she has them during the weekend and they seem to miss school on Mondays ALL THE TIME. I actually have been keeping a spreadsheet of their absenses and lateness this year and the older one has almost missed 10 days, and I dont want to see him fail. She doesn't think shes doing anything wrong but refuses to keep them when their sick, so my husband takes them, and does his best to separate the sick ones from our son. I dont want my son to get sick, but I also know the boys can rest at our house as to where they would be running around playing, and she'd be bothering them the whole time if they were over her house. But she will keep them home for the smallest things. He gets on her all the time about why they're always sick when they come back from her house but she just argues back that she's a good mother. When she doesnt bathe them during the weekend and doesn't brush their teeth. The children have told us so. Since I am a step mom I have been staying out of it, and don't say anything to her, but I am keeping that spreadsheet incase this ever goes to court. Do I have the right to say anything to her? Or What in your oponion should I do?? Thank You for reading this. I'm just getting so frustrated


Holly - posted on 01/29/2013




continue to get CPS involved and she will likely not be able to keep her children... she may not be able to have her children visit in her home anymore and will have to find other places to visit her children.... you guys may be the primary parents at that point.

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