step mom hell!!!

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I have 3 children ages 7,8, and 11.. My new husband has 18, 19, and 6 year old. The 19 year old just left to the military. HIs 18 year old daughter and ex wife constantly text me horrific things. They say they hope me and my children die in a car crash. The call me names and call my children names. I have changed my number numerous times. I have filed complaints for harassment. my husband has repeatedly asked them to stop. Nothing works. His 6 year old is stuck in the middle. She is told she isnot to play with my kids at all.. she gets in trouble if she says she has fun. As soon as we drop her off the text messages begin. She smells like the hooker you are married too, she lost weight because you didn't feed her, she doesn't want to be around your wife. If she says she wants to see her dad she gets punished. I am a teacher of pre k and kindergarten. I have never felt so helpless of a child in my life. when her mom questions her she has to answer her the way she wants because her mom retaliates on her. What will it take for her to stop using her daughter as a weapon? How do we keep the child from telling her mom lies?


Julia - posted on 12/07/2013




I'm not sure if you can stop the 6 year old from lying, or if you should. If the mom retaliates against her when she says she has fun you don't want to just be another grown up putting pressure on her.

The best thing you can do is just be nice to the child and let your husband handle the ex wife. You have to remember there is history there and you only have your husbands version of events. Not to say he lies, people just see things how they want to see them. We all do it. Be a good step mom and over time your step daughter will know the truth and know who pressures her and who just always smiles and has a kind word.

Don't take it personally. Just keep your behavior above reproach and you'll be fine.

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