Step-mom, how to respond to being called mom by waiters, etc. or let the kids correct them...

Raye - posted on 10/20/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a step-mom, and I've been conflicted about whether to speak to my step-kids about when waiters or other people in public refer to me as their mom. Sometimes they correct the person, and sometimes they let it slide. I'm not offended when they correct people, because they're just being honest and are not mean, but the people seem embarrassed by it. I would rather let it slide, because I don't want the kids to interpret my response as me not wanting them to be my kids. But I feel like I should say something so the person is not embarrassed versus letting them be corrected by the kids, or tell the kids that people don't mean any disrespect to their mother by calling me their mom and not to correct them.

Please share you suggestions and/or experiences.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/20/2014




Its a natural assumption that a woman accompanied by kids must be either their mother or grandmother...which is funny, considering the rate of divorce and the amount of step parents in the picture now!

Talk with the kids. Together, come up with a response to those folks, one that explains without making it a huge deal. Keep it on the lighter side. The kids don't seem to be disturbed, if they're not consistently correcting folks, but it is embarrassing to be caught making a wrong assumption!


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Chet - posted on 10/20/2014




I'd just talk to the kids about it... not like you have all the answers, just in a way where you talk about how you feel when it happens and where they talk about how they feel.

James - posted on 10/20/2014




I had a step-mom too and if people feel offended that's their problem. You got nothing to be embarrassed about. Stop correcting people. If the kids do it, just let them. One day they'll think of you as their mom as well and maybe call you mom...well, as long as ur never a bitch to them and treat them like you treat your own kids.

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