Step Mom needing some advice for Disrespectful 9 yr old girl.

Jessica - posted on 07/28/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, So I have 2 little girls of my own one 10 and one 5 and then my Boyfriend has a 9 yr old little girl, We have had alot of issues with her she talks to us like no kid has ever talked to any adult that I have ever seen, her mom is glad I am in her life because she said that tatem which is the childs name has never had real dicipline on her dads side and I have always been about dicipline and my girls for the most part are well be haved and are respectful when talking to adults. So when the 9 yr old girl talks back or doesnt listen we have tried doing a dicipline jar full of choirs we have taken things away but nothing works the only thing That I think will work in time is grounding her and her dad and mom agreed BUT her grandparents are againast the grounding rule and says its to harsh and were punishing them and then they agrue with there son about it and they dont talk with me at all about there issues with it even when i try to speak to them, so then they have there son feeling like it is now to harsh for a 9 yr old to be grounded from going anywhere for a couple days and now there trying to make me look like im being to harsh. IS GROUNDING A 9 YR OLD harsh? even after giving her multiplie warnings? I said to her the other night after her being disrespectful for over 2 hours I told her ok no your no going to your grandparents house and she looked me dead in the eye and said " Yes I am!" and I said what and she said again " Yes, I am!" and all her dad did is stare at me and said nothing to that and still thinks she should get to go even no she just completely disrespected me and him. am I being to harsh? all the girls have the same rules but my boyfriends daughter breaks them more then anyone and she will argue with you like she is a teen she will scream and slam doors and alot more....please help

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