step mom of a 2 year old

Harley - posted on 03/18/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a young step mom of a two year old. She kick hits yelles at me. And has no prospect for me.


Ev - posted on 03/18/2014




She is 2 years old. She does not understand what it going on. You need to sit down with her dad and work out something to get her to learn to mind you when she is in your care. Your concept of respect and hers are two different things. She does not know what that word means yet. Also, look at things from her point of view. She goes between homes of mom and dad. If they were together before this and now are not, her world is not what it once was. You are a new person to her and you can not expect her to just be open to you being there over night. She is lashing out like this because at her age she does not have the words or understands the right words to express her emotions. Also, do you do things with her that she likes? Do you get on her level (kneel down and look into her face not close but have eye contact and such?)? Do you treat her well? You need to look at those questions and see what is going on to. What could be triggering this behavior. Nine times out of ten, its because she is not used to you and can not fully verbally express herself yet.

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