Step mother dealing with teen boys drama and disrespect

Lori - posted on 07/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 3 stepsons (21,18,13) 21 out, little relationship; 18 living with us f/t; doing well, off to colleg, OK now the 13 yo blows out at me which is not the first time. It is a pattern with the oldest and youngest was always around for it. Literally, everything my fault, disrespect, does not follow thru on basic house expectations (duh, hehe I forgot it; i didn't see it, whatever). Actually having issues with his brother (whom threw a rock & cause blood vessel. thinks it's funny still; luck the 18 yo did not jack him up;& states he hates his maternal side of family, throwing rocks in the pool ~ seems to get a kick out of everyone getting upset and pretend he doesn't have any problems


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Kristi - posted on 07/14/2013




Adding to Jodi's questions...where's dad and what is he doing about any of this? Do the boys see their mom at all? If so, is the 13 year old's behavior worse after visit with her? What kind of consequences is he receiving when he breaks the rules or misbehaves and are you and your husband following through?

Jodi - posted on 07/14/2013




Before I respond, a couple of quick long have you been step-mum for and were you around when the other boys were around this age?

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